The week that was

By Ian Kennedy

Highlighting the best of the rest.

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The week that was

The Santa Barbara fire department rushed out to rescue what turned out to be a mannequin dangling from a cliff.Like the eddy of a stream clogged with leaves, one dead end street in San Francisco became a gathering spot for lost self-driving Waymo taxis.On N...


The week that was

Spectators of a flying drone light show in China ran in panic as the drones “went awry” hitting buildings and bystanders on the ground.The Trump 2024 presidential campaign rebranded itself with a refreshed, albeit uncreative name, Make America Great Again, ...


The week that was

Inflation became reality as the Dollar Store started testing out items priced at over $1.00.The markets were down sharply this week but a hamster trading crypto is outperforming the S&P 500.I don’t know why you would but you could if you wanted to, buy ...


The week that was

The population of Alabama is shrinking. Due to the deadly combination of the pandemic and vaccination hesitancy, the state recorded more deaths than births.Not to be outdone by AT&T’s Flying COWS announced a couple of weeks ago, the Verizon PR team trot...


The week that was

I smell Autumn in the air and am looking forward to the changing of the leaves 🍃


The week that was

Out of respect, I held off on publishing TWTW yesterday. Now that I live in New York, the gravity of September 11 is more visceral. I spent the day reflecting and in the evening riding my bike down to the site of the towers to pay my respects and view the T...


The week that was

Toyota took its self-driving buses out of service after one of them struck a Paralympic, taking the judo athlete out of service. Toyota apologized for the “overconfidence” of its vehicles.In Ida-flooded Louisiana, a man was eaten by an alligator. The Humane...


The week that was

Sending this out early before I go off the grid. I'm off to the mountains outside Seattle to catch my first bit of live music since lockdown. Time to reconnect with society.


The week that was

I'm sending this week's issue out early because I'll be driving all day tomorrow to drive Julia back to school. Sad to see her go but happy that she'll get to see her friends again. 🚗


The week that was

It’s a Delta variant world and we all just live in it.This past week, a friend texted Izumi and I that he tested positive for Covid and may have been contagious when we visited with him. He’s fine but just wanted us to know. He felt horrible to bring us thi...


The week that was

Happy weekend everyone!


The week that was

Greetings! I hope you are getting a chance to catch at least some of the Olympic games. It heartened me to watch the press conference with Simone and the team - as any team would, they've got each other's back.If you get a chance, do watch the Naomi Osaka d...


The week that was

Thank you so much for subscribing. Sending this on to you early today before I skip out of town for the weekend. 🏖️


The week that was

Here are some links you might have missed.


The week that was

Greetings sports fans! Tour de France? NBA Finals, Euro Cup? It's a great time to be a sports fan. 🚴 🏀 ⚽Some headlines from the week gone by.


The week that was

Happy 4th of July everyone 🇺🇸


The week that was

The Hubble Space Telescope glitched out and “stopped collecting science data.” NASA engineers work feverishly to get things working again but are running out of options as backup systems also failed.The U.S. government released a report admitting that due t...


The week that was

Greetings! I'm trying out a new email subscription platform this week. Let me know if something looks out of place.


The week that was

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