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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
Happy day after Christmas everyone! I hope you had a relaxing time off. This is the last weekly TWTW rundown - next week’s newsletter will countdown the top headlines from 2021.
On to this week’s stories.

Weird pic I found while looking for Christmas-themed photos.
Weird pic I found while looking for Christmas-themed photos.
3,837 people accused of witchcraft may be pardoned posthumously centuries after the fact under a new bill put forward in the Scottish parliament.
A global study of the plastic-degrading potential of bacteria found that one in four organisms analyzed carried an enzyme that could naturally digest plastic.
The Sami, indigenous to Northern Norway, famously have 100 different words for snow. But global warming has brought a new type of freezing rain for which they have no words.
If the Omicron wave has you looking to withdraw from society, there is an opening for a caretaker on a small island off the coast of England that might interest you. If you want a level-headed newsletter to keep you updated on the latest, I highly recommend Calm Covid from Erin Kissane, one of the early collaborators on the COVID Tracking Project.
Dutch authorities halted the sale of anti-5G necklaces and bracelets that have been found to be radioactive.
If you always felt the 1960s TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was a bit off, Caitlin Flanagan sticks the knife in and twists. “Santa presides over a nonunion shop where underproducing elves are deprived of breaks and humiliated.”
See you next week for the big countdown.
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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy @iankennedy

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