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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
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1,800 drones recreate earth in the skies over the Olympic Stadium
1,800 drones recreate earth in the skies over the Olympic Stadium
The people of the Isle de Jean Charles in the bayous of Louisiana became the first federally funded community of climate migrants.
A startup in Amsterdam introduced an electric two-seater car that can run entirely on sunlight collected on its solar-paneled roof.
A woman in Tulsa was located and arrested when she left a comment on the police department’s Weekly Most Wanted Facebook post inquiring about the reward for her capture.
Ford created a premium fragrance to be used in the new electric Mustang Mach-E GT to give owners a hint of that fuel and tire scent muscle car drivers crave.
The Western New York gardening group is having trouble discussing “hoes” on their Facebook page because their posts are constantly flagged by Facebook’s moderation team.
Scientists in Australia are changing the language around shark attacks in order to dispel a “culture of fear” around the threatened species. From now officials will use the phrase, “negative encounters.”
The WHO started using Greek letters to avoid the stigma of associating a the name of a disease with the place where it was detected. This left folks at Delta Airlines grumbling, where they now just call it “the variant.”
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a pilot program for new municipal trash cans designed by Gucci. They cost $20k each.
Poland had to send home swimmers from their Olympic team when they were told they brought six too many.
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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy @iankennedy

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