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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
Back from Tokyo, I’ll be in Los Angeles next week at the annual Online News Association conference next week. Let me know if you’ll be there.

Bookseller in Afghanistan
Bookseller in Afghanistan
The Blue Ribbon art prize at this year’s Colorado State Fair was created by an A.I. software program taking instructions from a text prompt, re-opening the age-old debate of what is art. We’re going to see more AI-generated art as it even took over the celebrated People of Burning Man annual pictorial.
Eminem showed up in the number one spot on a Billboard chart but not the one you’d expect.
An armed man dressed in a rainbow-colored wig and bright yellow safety vest walked into a Pennsylvania Dairy Queen to announce that he was “working to restore Trump to President King of the United States.”
Dignitaries from around the world descended on London to pay their respects to the recently deceased Queen of England. Many business also recognized the passing including the drug dealers.
Los Angeles dock workers are in hot water with the DOJ after they were caught billing over $2.1 million to their union health insurance plan for “chiropractic services and acupuncture treatments” that were in reality sexual services.
Reports came in that Russian troops, falling for the oldest trick in the book, unwittingly revealed their location to Ukrainian artillery via hackers posing as women hoping to hook up with them.
Nigerian officials seized thousands of donkey penises before they were exported to Hong Kong. The article explains that the donkey genitals were “falsely declared as cow male genitals” but does not explain what someone does with donkey genitals.
In Las Vegas, a woman high on cocaine and alcohol crashed and killed another driver who was high methamphetamine.
A Texas sheriff fell ill when he dipped into a plastic baggie of what he thought was candy but turned out to be edibles seized in a raid.
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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy @iankennedy

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