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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
Phantom Galaxy, from NASA James Webb telescope
Phantom Galaxy, from NASA James Webb telescope
Dubai unveiled the world’s largest indoor vertical farm that will produce 2 million pounds of leafy greens each year. This is huge for the desert city which currently imports 90% of its produce.
Two Japanese companies came up with a solution for Japan’s overwork problem, Nap Boxes. They look like upright pods (coffins actually), but I’m afraid a box to stow exhausted workers doesn’t really address the root of the problem.
A Colorado man successfully pushed a peanut all the way to the summit of Pikes Peak, using only his nose. He did it in record time, seven days.
A tourist visiting Mount Vesuvius fell in while taking a selfie.
A man holding spots on the street in Brooklyn for an on location filming of, “Law & Order: Organized Crime” was shot while sitting in a parked car.
Over 50% of Americans believe there will be a civil war in the next few years.
China is putting its DNA tracking to use. A man who broke into an apartment was bit by a mosquito, then swatted the engorged bug against the wall. Police retrieved a DNA sample from a blood-smudge. The man’s crime? He reportedly lit mosquito coils (which obviously didn’t work), cooked eggs and noodles and slept overnight using a blanket from the owner’s bedroom.
The source of a mysterious pink glow in sky over an Australian town has been found, grow lights from a medicinal cannabis facility.
A chess-playing robot, apparently unsettled by the quick responses of a seven-year-old boy, unceremoniously pinned down and broke his finger during a match at the Moscow Open.
Freya the walrus is causing mayhem in Norway.
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Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy @iankennedy

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