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The week that was

Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy
For those of you in the US, how was your 4th of July? Hopefully better than this family’s. It brings to mind the famous fireworks display in San Diego where they somehow set off an entire evening’s fireworks all at once and it was over in 35 seconds. When I was living in the Bay Area it was usually too foggy to see anything spectacular or organized so we would go down to the estuary to see the unofficial celebrations in Oakland which sounded like the Verdun 1916.
This year, I finally figured out how to properly set the timings and aperture on a DSLR to get some decent photos of fireworks and shared my notes if you want to try it out yourself next year.
On to what happened last week.

From the excellent /r/hmmm/ sub-reddit
From the excellent /r/hmmm/ sub-reddit
Boris is moving out of 10 Downing but the cat will stay.
Shinzo Abe, ex-prime minister of Japan, was assassinated by a homemade shotgun. This was a shock to the nation because guns are very difficult to procure in Japan.
Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack kicked off (is that the right word?) her election campaign by posting a video of herself twerking upside down at the beach.
Storms over the American Midwest turned the skies green.
Over 75 people in Nigeria were rescued from a church basement where their pastor instructed them to wait in preparation for the rapture. He said it would take place in April but when it didn’t, he said the rapture had been postponed to September. Some had been down in the basement since last year.
A Silicon Valley-based company began testing a smart display that can be embedded into a contact lens. The first beta-tester is the CEO of the company.
Finnish researchers have figured out how to store energy for months at a time in gigantic sand batteries.
Kanye West announced that he is working on a car made of foam. He hired a sneaker designer to head Donda Industrial Design, his company that will lead the project.
Amazon announced that it has evolved Alexa’s speech synthesis to the point where it can mimic anyone, including your dead grandmother.
The New York Yankees blew out the Pittsburgh Pirates, 16-0. This was the Yankee’s largest shutout win since 1960. Even the Pirates announcer threw in the towel after his team, trying to staunch the bleeding, put their second baseman on the mound. “This is ridiculous,” he said as the 15th run was hit in via yet another homer.
The Sierra Leone Football Association is investigating two second-tier matches that ended at 95-0 and 91-1 respectively. The general manager of Lumbebu United, the team that lost by 95 points, said he was “not aware of any match manipulation.”
The Las Vegas Raiders football team made history as the first professional American football team to have an African American woman as president.
Due to inflation, the Hakone Aquarium in Japan has been forced to switch the penguins from Aji to cheaper Saba and they are not having it.
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Ian Kennedy
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